FAQs – Long Term

1. How do I apply?
A. Contact your local Rotary Club. Students are interviewed and selected to be Outbound Candidates by local Rotary Clubs. Candidates must be chosen no later than October of their Sophomore year. The Sophomore year is the training year. The Junior year is the exchange year. The Senior year is the Rebound year.

2. How much does it cost?
A. Exchange costs vary by destination. All exchanges require a passport and round trip airfare to the exchange site as well as spending money during the exchange. Local Rotary Clubs provide significant scholarships for each exchange. We try to keep the cost of the exchange as low as possible by using volunteer Rotarians and Host Families so more students can afford this wonderful experience.

3. Where will I be going?
A. Our District exchanges with 23 different countries so there are a lot of options. After the first three months of training, students are assigned to a host country by the District Youth Exchange Committee. Selection decisions are based on the student’s suitability to meet expected and unexpected challenges. The current list of possible exchanges is found in the Club Manual in the Club section.

4. Why don’t I get to chose where I will go?
A. Our District only exchanges with areas where we know the Rotarians in charge of their program. We may exchange with a country you are interested in but not the exact city or area of that country. We chose the exchange that has the best chance of success for you.

5. Where will I live?
A. Students live with up to three different Host Families while attending school.

6. Can my family visit during my exchange?
A. Students may have parental visits only during the last few months of their exchanges with the permission of their Host Family and Country Officer.

7. Must I speak another language to apply?
A. No, it helps, but you are expected to learn your new language during your exchange.

8. Do I get credit for attending a foreign school?
A. It depends on your local high school. Most students receive credit for the year abroad.

9. Can I travel on my own during my exchange?
A: No.